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A buyer’s guide to Wide Fit Shoes

For those who have wider feet than the standard it can be difficult to track down shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. For these people this guide on wide fit shoes will talk you through finding shoes that are both of these things and affordable to boot.

Making a saving on wide fit shoes
Shopping online
Shopping online not only sees you saving money through the hundreds of websites that you can choose from, but will additionally provide the most choice. Whilst some may be concerned over purchasing shoes that don't fit (particularly given the specific wide fit they need) there really are few issues when returning. Good retailers will provide both pre-paid return packaging or labels, as well as a tracking service so that you can log in and check where your parcels at and when it reaches the retailer.
However, wherever you purchase from, whether it be online or in a physical retail store, you should be aware of your consumer rights. As long as the shoes are in the same condition they were purchased in and your have the receipt you’re entitled to return them, even if it’s for a reason such as not liking the style. Alternatively, if you’ve worn your shoes and they break, you’re entitled to send the item back within a set amount of time.

Using Google Shopping
When shopping online a good place to start your search is with Google Shopping (just click the tab that says ‘shopping’ above the search box. This will bring up literally thousands of results so that you can cut down time in trawling through website after website.

Other considerations when purchasing wide fit shoes
Wide fit shoe specialists
There are plenty of retailers to be found online that deal solely with wide fit shoes. These retailers invariably have a better understanding of common issues with such shoes and a larger range that considers style as well as affordability.

Wide fit shoe measurements
Wide fit shoes work with the same standard shoe sizes, but have additional measurements for the widest part of the foot in millimeters. These are then categorised into the following sizes: D, E, EE, EEE, EEEE, EEEEE and EEEEEE. These sizes are dependent upon which shoe size you are, so check a wide fit table for the full details.

Wide fit measurements for boots
As with the range of ‘normal’ shoes, measuring for boots is a little more complex as you have to consider measurements such as your calf. Retailers that are particularly good at meeting the needs of wide fit shoe wearers will offer varying calf fits, including curvy, super curvy, curvy plus and extra curvy plus fitting boots. These then factor in the standard shoe sizes, as well as the aforementioned wide fit measures of D through to EEEEEE.