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A buyer’s guide to TV Packages

If you’re looking into changing TV package provider then you’ve probably been overwhelmed with choice. Today there are tens of providers who are all offering drastically different TV packages, so knowing what to look for and what may be most suitable to you is key in finding the best deal.

Finding the best TV package deal
Using price comparison websites
The first place you should start your search is over at one of the many price comparison websites. Use these to enter your details and specify what channels you’d like. This will help you make an informed decision by displaying each provider side by side.

Can you bundle your broadband, TV and phone packages into one?
If you use broadband and a home phone and you pay for these services from separate providers then the chances are that you’re paying over the odds. Before you even think about starting to search for a TV package you should gather information on what your paying and what is included in these deals receptively.

Set up fees
Whilst some companies charge a standard set up fees there are some that don’t. Additionally TV package providers frequently run deals that off installation for free, so if they’re not offering it today the chances are they could be offering it tomorrow. You may additionally want to speak with them directly to see if they’d waiver the charge in return for your business.

Other considerations when looking for the best TV package
Can you negotiate with your existing provider?
A little known method of driving down your bill is to actually tell your provider that you’re leaving unless they can offer you a better deal. Very often they’ll wish to retain your business and so may offer a reduced rate. Just remember to be polite, rather aggressive and tell the operator specifically that you’re planning on leaving. This should see you transferred to the ‘retentions’ department, where staff have more power to offer certain deals to keep your business.
One last trick, if you get rejected the first time, is to phone back a few days later. The response you receive will differ from operator to operator and where one may say no, another may say yes!

How many channels do you really need?
Once you start looking at the TV packages available it can be all too easy to get carried away with the sheer choice of channels before you. In particular, movie and sports channels can bump up the monthly price no end. So before you commit to anything make sure you’ll truly use each channel that you sign up to. You should additionally bear in mind that you can add channels at any time during your subscription, not just when you take out the package in the first instance.