Privacy Policy

Your personal information

Here at shoptastic.co.uk we value your privacy and unlike many of the websites around today we do not harvest you or your computer for personal data. Ever. Nor do we require you to input any information on yourself to gain access to our high quality help guides.

The only information we gather is simple analytics data which allow us to know how well we are performing for our readers, what our most popular help guides are and where we are lacking so we can continue to grow our information in the areas that you want.

Contacting Shoptastic.co.uk

We are freely available to contact via our online contact form, email and unlike many websites direct by telephone. All details are provided on our Contact Us page.

Any information you provide to shoptastic.co.uk via the above methods will never be sold to any third parties and is not held on our servers for longer than 48hrs.

Third Party Websites on shoptastic.co.uk

Our advertisers are the reason why we can provide such great content to our readers. We show relevant ads related to the content you are interested in and the revenue generated from this allows us to keep shoptastic.co.uk alive and continually improving.