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A Buyer’s Guide to Office Desks

When buying or replacing your office desk the chances are that you’ll want to make a saving on what can be a considerable expense. In this guide we tell you how you can drive down the price of your office desks, and we also tell you about the other factors you should be considering to ensure that you’re make the right choice.

Making a saving on your Office Desks
Using a dedicated Office Suppliers Company
If you’re in business then the chances are that you get plenty of calls from Office Suppliers reps. If you don’t currently use an Office Supplies company then now may be the time to think about doing so. Reps can frequently offer prices that are far closer to wholesale figures and you may also be able to drive the price down further as reps tend to have flexibility with their prices.

Shopping online
An alternative to using an office supplies company is to shop online. A good place to start in this instance is with Google Shop. Here you’ll be able to get a quick overview of what styles are available and what prices are offered. Bear in mind however that Google Shop only displays those companies who pay for the service, so you may well find unlisted online office supplies companies have prices that are even lower.

Office Desks for those on a super tight budget
If you’re on a super tight budget then you may want to consider choosing a second hand desk from an auction website. Grabbing a bargain from such websites does involve a bit of patience and a lot of searching, so you may want to consider the benefits in spending working time looking for a bargain desk.

Additionally auction websites aren’t merely for those who are looking to buy singular desks, there are also auctions that fall under the ‘Job Lot’ category, which means that you can purchase in bulk. Such auctions tend to be in fewer numbers than when looking for a singular desk and you’ll also need to consider delivery, as many auctions may expect you to collect your desks.

Other considerations when choosing your Office Desk
Thinking about usage
It may surprise you to hear that Office Desk use differs drastically from office to office. Whilst some use desks with hundreds of compartments for varying paperwork, others may use certain desk for reception areas (where they need lockable storage compartments). Thinking about the way that your office staff use their desk can see you boosting productivity; you may be able to store that essential paperwork that was previously stored in an office cupboard, or you may want to purchase a desk with more workspace, allowing your staff to keep vital items closer to hand.