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A Buyer’s Guide to Office Chairs

Whether you’re buying a singular office chair for your work from home office, or multiple chairs for your business’ staff, you’ll likely have been surprised by just how much office chairs can cost. This guide walks you through the ways in which you can make as saving, as well as talking about the other factors to consider when purchasing your office chairs.

Making a saving on your Office Chairs
Shopping online
Choosing to shop online rather than in a physical store will almost certainly see you making a saving. Online shops generally have far fewer overheads when compared to a physical store so the prices they can provide are always going to be cheaper.
Just be sure to check the delivery rates prior to adding too many items to your basket or after you’ve picked your perfect chair. Delivery charges can differ greatly from provider to provider, with some charging what can be prohibitive rates when buying a singular item.

Buying ex-display items
The one instance where shopping in-store may see you make a saving is where there is either a sale on or where the retailer has ex-display items (this latter point may only be suitable for those looking for a singular chair however). So ask in your local furniture outlet or office store and be sure to thoroughly check the item over to ensure that you’re happy with the chair’s condition.

Using an Office Suppliers company
If you don’t currently have an Office Supplies company then it’s likely that you don’t know about the reductions they can offer. In many instances your Rep will be able to provide an office chair (or chairs) at a price that is far closer to wholesale price than to retail. You may additionally be able to negotiate to drive the price down even further (particularly if you’re buying the chairs in bulk).

Other guidance to follow when purchasing office chairs
Balancing price with quality
Whilst everyone loves to get a bargain you need to be careful that you’re not comprimising quality over price. In doing so you may be entering a false economy, and that cheap chair of today may be the broken chair of tomorrow after only few months.

Why ergonomics is important for your staff
Given that one of the biggest costs to the UK’s economy is staff sick time due to back problems you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep your staff sitting in a safe and comfortable way. To this end when choosing your office chairs a particularly important factor to consider is ergonomics. This should see you choosing chairs that are adjustable (both in terms of height and back angle).