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A Buyer’s guide to Mixer Taps

Shopping for mixer taps can see consumers initially surprised by just how much mixer taps retailer for, with retail prices ranging anywhere from £50 all the way in the hundreds. To this end this guide explains how you can make a saving when shopping for mixer taps and the other, practical, considerations that will ensure you choose the right taps for your kitchen.

Making a saving on your mixer taps
Shopping online
Shopping online, as opposed to shopping at a home décor centre, will practically always see you saving on the RRP of mixer taps. A great place to start online is with Google Shopping (to enter this just go to the main Google page and click on the shopping button at the top of the page). Here you can enter your search term, as well as filtering by price, retailer and brand.
This will bring up hundreds of items where you can then sort by low to high pricing, or consumer rating.

Other considerations when shopping for mixer taps
Checking your water pressure
Whilst the majority of taps are going to be suitable for your kitchen you need to ensure that your water pressure is ‘normal’. If you have either high or low water pressure then you may well need a specific tap. If you’re unsure about this then contact a plumber or your local water board.

Fixing unequal pressure
If you’ve found with previous mixer taps that you struggle to balance the hot with the cold then a solution may be to buy a dual flow tap. Whilst similar to mixer taps, dual flow taps keep the hot and cold water flows completely separate.

Fitting your mixer tap
When it comes to fitting your mixer tap you have two main options: to either fit it onto the sink, or to mount it behind fixtures or into the wall. Whilst the latter can provide an uncluttered look you need to ensure that the mixer taps that you’re buying are compatible with this type of fitting. Additionally, this method requires a professional plumber, which, of course, adds to the cost.
The former method will differ from mixer tap to mixer tap, so ensure that the instructions are included within the mixer tap packaging and following them meticulously.

Keeping your shiny new mixer taps looking shiny and new
To ensure that your taps last for as long as possible, and look new for as long as possible, proper maintenance is required. This can, however, be as simple as using a soft cloth with warm soapy water, followed by rinsing them off and wiping them dry. A sure fire way of shortening the life of your taps is to use abrasive substances such as bleach and other chemicals.