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A traveller’s guide to Mediterranean Cruises

Booking a Mediterranean Cruise is never going to be a cheap choice of holiday, however there are plenty of steps that you can take to reduce the cost and find the most affordable deal possible. This guide talks you through the resources you have at your disposal for finding your dream Mediterranean Cruise at a fraction of the retail cost.

Finding an affordable Mediterranean Cruise
Using travel supermarket websites
Travel supermarket websites help you search through practically every Cruise Operator available. Entering your details, such as passenger number, travel dates and destination ideals will see you served up with potentially hundreds of different cruises.
Additionally, whilst using such search facilities, you should try amending your travel dates by a few days either side; sometimes the smallest of difference in travel times can make the largest of differences in price.

Checking out coupon websites
Coupon websites are an excellent sources of bargain holiday deals, however when looking for a specific type of holiday (such as a Mediterranean Cruise) you may have to be patient and wait for a holiday such as this to come about.
You should additionally ensure that any holidays promoted via such websites are from trusted companies with good customer service records (checking travel review websites can help you ascertain any holiday operator’s credibility).

Booking outside of school holiday time
As essential tip that you must follow if you’re travelling without children is to book your holiday outside of school holiday times. Booking at the wrong time, particularly during the 6 weeks Summer holiday period, can see you paying anything up to an additional 50% for your holiday, be it a cruise or otherwise.

Mediterranean Fly Cruises versus Mediterranean Sail from UK Cruises
When researching your cruise options the first thing that you need to establish is whether you want to sail or fly from the UK. Whilst the latter may be cheaper (as there are far more options available) there are plenty of options if you wish to sail from the UK.

Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries
Whilst travel routes will differ from cruise liner to cruise liner there are a few set interties that give you an idea of the main journeys available, with these operating as follows.

Itinerary One/b>
Monday, Ajaccio - CORSICA
Civitavecchia (for Rome) - ITALY
Wednesday, Livorno (for Florence & Pisa) - ITALY
St Raphael (for St Tropez & Cannes) - FRANCE
Barcelona - SPAIN

Itinerary Two
Trapani - SICILY
Tuesday, Sorrento - ITALY
Wednesday, Civitavecchia (for Rome) - ITALY
Thursday, Calvi - CORSICA
Palamos - SPAIN

Itinerary Three
Harwich - ENGLAND
Vigo - SPAIN
Portimao - PORTUGAL
Gibraltar - GIBRALTAR
Cartagena - SPAIN
Algiers - ALGERIA
Valletta - MALTA
Piraeus (for Athens) - GREECE
Mykonos Town - MYKONOS
Marmaris - TURKEY