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A buyer’s guide to Line Rental

If you’re looking into your line rental charges and are looking to save money then there are plenty of things that you can do to drive this monthly cost down. This guide will tell you not only how you can find the cheapest provider, but additionally tell you about the other factors that can reduce your line rental costs even further.

Making a saving on your line rental
Using price comparison websites
The most effective way of finding the cheapest provider for your line rental is to use price comparison websites. Here you can enter your details (including your call usage) and compare thousands of providers side by side. You should however take care to check that each package offers the same deal (for example, do they all offer free calls at certain times?) As well as this you need to double check the details when moving from the comparison website to the company’s own website, every so often there may be discrepancies and not double checking the deal can see you choosing the wrong provider.

Other factors to consider in relation to your line rental
Paying by direct debit
Paying your line rental bill by direct debit can see you saving as much as £5. Practically all providers now offer online bill payments, so ask your provider about the discount you'll receive when switching from paper to e-bills.

Checking social tariffs
Social tariffs are applicable to those who may be in financial hardship or who have a disability and rely on benefits. Many mainstream providers offer a cheaper package for such situations (although these packages are only ever awarded at their discretion).

Opting for free web calls
Today technology is more advanced than ever, with numerous free programs that offer web calls. If the majority of your contacts use such services then it’s possible that you could ditch your line rental completely.

Knowing your peak times
Having a full understanding of your tariff includes knowing when to avoid making calls. For many providers peak times are between 7am and 7pm, however this can differ from provider to provider so be sure to check your contract.

Getting rid of caller ID
If you currently have caller ID as an add on to your package then you really need to consider whether it’s worth the extra payment every month. Invariably such a service can see you paying around £5 more a month, with many consumers hardly ever making use of the service.

Unlimited call offers
Whilst many providers tout unlimited evening and/or weekend calls you should be aware that ‘unlimited’ doesn’t actually mean unlimited. Generally speaking you’ll find that only the first hour of a call is free, thereafter you’re charged.