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A savvy consumer’s guide to iPhone Deals

Over the past decade the iPhone has become the must have consumer gadget, however with current price models ranging from an average of £400 it is unsurprising that many consumers find iPhone Deals firmly out of their reach. However there are ways that you can track down an iPhone for a lesser amount and this guide will talk you through doing just that.

Making a saving on your iPhone Deal
Scouring the internet
The first place you should start in your search for an iPhone deal is with the internet. Using Google Shopping can help give you a good overview of the lowest possible price that you’re looking to pay.

Waiting for sale times
The prices that you find online will generally be the same throughout the year except in instances where Apple bring out a new model, or where there is a sale. An excellent time for saving on electronics is during January, where retailers have a post-Christmas exodus on prices.

Opting for an older model
If you find that the prices at the lowest end of the Google shopping results are still firmly out of your grasp then work your way back through the models. Whilst iPhones do hold onto their value more than other phones there are still notable differences in prices amongst the models.

Tracking down an iPhone Deal for those on a super tight budget
Buying an iPhone from an auction website
If all else has resulted in the iPhone deals you’ve found being outside of your budget then you may want to consider using an auction website. Whilst such websites are full of new, near new and second hand models you must take care to always read the descriptions thoroughly. There are auctions for Apple iPhone boxes, for example, and it has been known for people to pay huge amounts for items that are as far from an iPhone as you can imagine.
You should additionally read through previous customer’s reviews and try to avoid using new sellers with no track record.

Entering a pay monthly phone contract
Another option if purchasing outright is too expensive is to consider an iPhone contract. Pay monthly contracts are now more affordable than ever, with iPhones generally being free as part of a 24 month deal.

Other considerations when purchasing an iPhone
Ensuring your receive a genuine iPhone
Ensuring that you’re ordering a genuine iPhone when using the internet needn’t be a nigh on impossible task. When selecting a retailer you should undertake a little research as to how credible the website is. To do this simply use Google, typing in the business name and ‘Scam?’ at the end. There are plenty of dedicated websites that monitor scam websites which will show in the results if the website that you’re considering is suspect.