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A Buyer’s guide to the iPad Mini

If you’re thinking about investing in an iPad Mini then you'll undoubtedly want to ensure that you're getting both a good deal and an authentic iPad. Here we tell you about how you can make a saving on an iPad Mini whilst ensuring you’re receiving the item that you’re paying for.

Making a saving on your iPad Mini
Waiting for iPad Mini sale times
As with all electronics there will be certain time of the year that offer discounts, primarily after Christmas and during the changeover of seasonal stock. If you can be patient enough to wait for these times than mainstream retailers can offer anything up to 20% off.

Buying a previous model
Purchasing a model previous to the current version will see you benefiting from drastically reduced prices. You should however take care to understand the differences between the features and iPad Mini capabilities.

Purchasing an iPad Mini as part of a mobile package
An additional option you may have is to take out a phone contract that offers the iPad Mini as a free gift. This will be particularly beneficial when coinciding with the ending of your current contract. You should however take care to understand what you're paying every month and how the free minutes, free texts and various rates fair when compared to a phone deal that has no gift.

Shopping for an iPad Mini on a super tight budget
If you’re seriously constricted with how much you have to spend on your iPad Mini then your only option may be to use auction websites. Whilst there are undoubtedly bargains to be had on such websites you do need to take care, both in terms of the condition of the item you’re purchasing and the authenticity. In the former instance you should read the description thoroughly, inspect the item photos and contact the seller to confirm any information that isn’t listed. In the latter instance you should ask for the item’s serial number, you can then use this for entering into the official Apple store in their ‘Repair’ section (which requires the serial number).

Other considerations when buying an iPad Mini
Ensuring that you’re purchasing an authentic iPad Mini
In addition to gaining the serial number and entering it into the Apple Store’s repair centre there are other indicators of an iPad Mini’s authenticity. As a starting point you should inspect the screen quality displayed in any photos, the Apple symbol size and clarity displayed on the back and the overall feel and weight of the product.

Buying your iPad Mini online
Whilst you may inspect photos of items being sold online you must always remember that such photos may not be of the item that you’re sent. Purchasing from an unknown online seller will always attract risk and should really be avoided if you aren’t fully comfortable with whether the retailer is genuine.