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A consumer’s guide to Internet Dongles

Today consumers have more choice than ever in relation to their internet usage and which provider they use. A growing part of this market is the use of internet dongles, where consumers can have mobile internet connection wherever they may be through a dongle. However, with so many providers it can be difficult to know who to choose and which package may be most suitable for your needs. To this end this guide talks you through the process of weighing up internet dongle packages and what else you should be considering when choosing a dongle.

Choosing an internet dongle that is freight for your needs
Pay as you go packages
Internet dongle pay as you go packages generally provide a set amount of internet data per month for a set fee. This is topped up as and when is required and provides a flexible internet usage option.
The amount of internet data is specified in terms of gigabytes; this is important because it gives you an idea of how much internet usage you will receive in return for your monetary top ups. If you’re a heavy user, who frequently streams movies and downloads large files such as albums, then you’ll need to take the time to find the largest package at the best respective price per gigabyte.

Monthly rolling packages
Another option you have for your internet dongle is to use a monthly rolling package, which sees you paying for your internet via a monthly direct debit. These packages can usually be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, however, others may have longer terms. Such packages can be more generous in relation to how much data they provide for the set price.

Price comparison websites
Whether you’re looking into pay as you go or monthly rolling packages for your internet dongle a great place to start is with price comparison websites. Such websites will allow you to specify your usage needs and budget in order to be presented with a huge list of providers where you can compare packages side by side.

Other factors to consider when buying an internet dongle
Whilst the majority of internet dongle providers will have extensive coverage there are still areas that may be reception black spots. To ensure that your area is covered you can generally check online using the provider’s website. Reputable companies will have a postcode checker, where you simply need to enter your postcode to be informed of the strength of coverage.

Adding to your existing home package
If you already have a digital TV service and/or home phone then it may be worth looking into whether your provider additionally offers internet dongles. Generally you may find that rolling this into an existing package sees you paying only slightly more than you’re paying currently.