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A traveller’s guide to Gatwick Hotels

For travellers who are flying from Gatwick there are no end of hotels to choose from and whilst it is likely that you’ll only be staying for one night either before or after your flight (or possibly both) you still want to ensure that you get a good deal and a stay in a nice hotel. This guide will then talk about how you can ensure that you receive the best possible service, in a suitable hotel and at an affordable price.

Finding the best Gatwick Hotel deal
Using price comparison websites
There are at least three main price comparison websites that factor in hotels as a search feature. These websites differ in the way that they find prices, of particular interest if you’re looking to save the most money is last minute hotel booking websites. Such sites work by displaying the remaining rooms that a hotel has on any one night. You should however take note that this is a slightly more risky way of booking your hotel, as you could find all hotels booked up if you leave it too long. For this reason it is advisable that you book at least a week in advance.

Considering Crawley, or other similar areas
A sure fire way of saving on the cost of your Gatwick Hotel is to opt for a region that is relatively close by. Because of Gatwick airport, hotels that are within the area can see significant premiums. By choosing an area such as Crawley you can cut your costs significantly.
Crawley is just 2 to 3 miles away from Gatwick Airport with the majority even having direct airport shuttle buses. There are a range of hotels to the north of Crawley which are situated in relatively industrialised areas (which means that there is little noise during the night). More remote hotels are few and far between, with just the singular Sandman Hotel being out of the main drag.

What should you expect to pay for your hotel?
Gatwick hotels, charged at their standard prices, can range from £100 per night upwards; comparatively however hotels in Crawley start at just £55 per night (although the most expensive is £111 per night during normal season).

Other considerations when booking you Gatwick Hotel
Looking out for deals
There are plenty of chain hotels around Gatwick and from time to time these will put on special offers. Sometimes however such deals don’t apply to certain hotels (which frequently mean that Gatwick hotels are excluded). If this is the case then the hotels in Crawley and the surrounding areas should be applicable for any national deals.

Checking out traveller review websites
Once you’ve found a range of hotels to consider it’s important to check out traveller reviews websites to see how other people’s experiences have been whilst staying overnight.