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A traveller’s guide to Gatwick Airport Parking

If you’re soon to be jetting off on your holidays and have found that taxis or public transport just aren’t suitable for getting you to Gatwick Airport then you may be considering Gatwick Airport Parking. In this instance this guide will tell you all about how you can make a saving on leaving your car at Gatwick and what else you may want to consider when using such a service.

Getting a good deal on your Gatwick Airport Parking
Using airport car parking booking websites
Similarly to travel websites that compare flight or hotel prices there are websites that can track down the cheapest airport parking deals. Whilst these websites should serve as your first port of call you must remember to check directly with the car park prior to booking to confirm that the comparison website prices are indeed cheaper.

Alternatives to Gatwick Airport Parking
Whilst parking at the airport may be the most convenient you must consider alternatives prior to booking. There are trains, taxis and coaches to consider, as well as the possibility of having a friend or relative drop you to the airport if you live relatively close by. At the very least you should gather some quotes so that you can compare the prices against the cost of staying in one of Gatwick Airport’s car parks.

Booking early for a great deal
One of the best tips in cutting down your airport charges is to book in as early as you can. Car parks such as this offer significantly cheaper prices when booked a few months in advance and best of all there are no cancellation fees should you change your mind.

Other factors to consider when in need of Gatwick Airport Parking
Try using a hotel with a parking package for guests
If you’re travelling a considerably way to Gatwick then you may already be considered a hotel stay prior to flying. If this is the instance then you could benefit from a reduced parking rate package from the hotel for guests who are jetting off.

Renting a space near the airport
A little used tip for cutting down on the cost of your parking whilst on holiday is to rent a private space. This means that you’re effectively renting a person’s drive. Today their are complete websites that are dedicated to putting car owners with drive owners and the costs of renting a drive can be anything up to 75% cheaper than using an airport's car park.

Your personal possessions and your car
Whilst Gatwick Airport Car Parks are incredibly secure, with guards, fencing, CCTV and perhaps even guard dogs you should never leave personal possessions in your car. If you absolutely must then you should at least ensure that these are not on display and preferable tucked away in the boot.