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A Business guide to Fleet Tracking

If you have a fleet of vehicles operated by staff then the chances are that you’ll know all about the benefits of knowing where your vehicles are at any one point in time. From providing real time delivery estimates to your customers to ensuring that your staff are where they should be, at any time of day.
However Fleet Tracking can be expensive and without knowing how to choose a fleet tracking provider you can be left with ineffective equipment and an ongoing monthly cost that is adding little to your business. With all of this in mind this guide has been written to introduce you to fleet tracking, covering what it is and how you can choose a provider.

What is Fleet Tracking?
Fleet tracking is where a business can track any of their vehicles, establishing where it is via an onscreen map that uses GPS technology. Additionally however fleet tracking technology can also allow employees to do away with payroll tracking and manual timesheets, which in itself will result in an ongoing monthly saving.

Key considerations when choosing your Fleet Tracking provider
Do you need a serviced fleet tracking provider?
Serviced fleet tracking providers can provide more comprehensive solutions, such as in-built backend procedures that help with business operations. Such a service undoubtedly attracts a premium as the system is effectively built around you and your business.

Referring to expert review websites
If you opt for a system that you install yourself then there are no end of expert review websites that can help you pick the Fleet Tracking system that is right for you. The following key features will differ from system to system and should serve as the basis of finding the right solution for you:
- Coverage that ranges from local areas to worldwide.
- The number of vehicles that are covered by the package.
- Some systems also include CCTV which may sit on top of the vehicle’s dashboard. This is particularly useful in the case of an accident where cause and blame is being disrupted.
- The more comprehensive solutions will offer integrated stolen vehicle systems; these will send data directly to local police liaison teams. Such a feature can improve the chance of your vehicle being recovered.
- Other features can include alarms, immobilisers and speed limiters.

Considering your budget and the quality of the system
Whilst making a saving on a fleet tracking system is an ideal situation you should take care not to opt for a super cheap system. Such systems can be unreliable, frequently breaking down and reporting vehicle’s positions in a delayed fashion. If you’re unsure about how much you should be paying then be sure to establish the ‘ideal’ system first and foremost and use Google shopping to scour retailers and their pricing.