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A buyer’s guide to Fleet Breakdown Cover

For companies who run a fleet of vehicles the costs that are associated can easily spiral out of control, or, at the very least, they can make for significant monthly outgoings. An important and essential element of managing your fleet is having sufficient coverage via Fleet Breakdown Cover. To this end this guide will describe how you can find reliable Fleet Breakdown Cover that is both suitable for your needs as well as affordable as possible.

What are the main differences between fleet breakdowns cover policies?
Fleet breakdown cover policies are, in many ways, similar to personal breakdown policies. Through them you are assured that should any one of your vehicles break own, a roadside assistance truck will be there within a set time. From here however you can choose to add on additional services such as vehicle recovery, travel from the site onwards, home service, emergency accommodation, car hire for whilst your vehicle is being repaired and coverage for your vehicles throughout Europe.

An important aspect to be aware of is that it is your vehicles, rather than your drivers who are covered. This means that no matter who is driving a particular vehicle at any point in time, it will always be covered. Conversely however covering drivers may be advisable if you have drivers who always use the same vehicle on a daily basis.

There are also companies who offer a pay-on-use option which means that you will only have to pay for breakdown assistance where it is used. This does however incur a subscription fee.

Searching price comparison websites
Price comparison websites are now more advanced than ever, covering practically every type of insurance and break down cover policy. It may however be wise to check out comparison websites that deal specifically with company policies.

Using specialist companies
Whilst there will be large breakdown coverage companies that cover both commercial contracts as well as coverage for personal customers you may find that companies dealing only within the commercial sector may offer packages that are more suitable for your needs. Factors such as replacement vehicles is a particularly important point if your business relies on your fleet for everyday deliveries or transportation.

Other considerations when choosing fleet breakdown cover
Company reputation
The reputation of the fleet breakdown cover company that you’re considering should play an important part in your decision. Whilst many breakdown companies will state that they reach customers, on average, in a short amount of time, customer reviews may well lead you to believe otherwise.
To find out about the company that you’re considering you simply need to undertake a little research on consumer review websites, where current and previous customers will be only too happy to share their stories with you, be they good or bad.