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A Buyer’s guide to Filing Cabinets

When shopping for any variety of office furniture the costs involved can easily end up spiralling out of control if you don’t take the time to find the most completive suppliers. To this end this guide talks you through the process of both balancing quality with your budget as well as covering the other various factors that should be considered when choosing your filing cabinet.

Finding a high quality, low cost filing cabinet
Opting for online shopping over retail stores
Choosing to shop online, rather than in store, will almost always be cheaper. Via the internet there are literally thousands of suppliers that provide the biggest choice in terms of style and features. Just be sure to check out the delivery charges prior to even browsing through an online retailer’s store as delivery fees, terms and conditions do vary drastically.
It may also be worth noting that physical stores may hold discounted stock in their storerooms, which may either be in the form of the odd, last in the line filing cabinet they haven’t sold or an ex-display item.

Getting a quote from an Office Supplier
If you don’t currently use a dedicated Office Supplier with your own rep then now may be the time to start doing so. Such companies have Representatives that will be able to offer better prices than is generally seen either online or in a retail store. Additionally you should feel free to negotiate as they invariably have a little flexibility with the prices that they quote.

Other considerations when shopping for filing cabinets
Thinking about quality
Whilst everyone likes to get a bargain you need to be careful that you’re not choosing price over quality. Filing cabinets can have a tough daily life, so opting for a super low budget cabinet may see it reaching the end of the road well before time.
If at all possible you should opt for brand name filing cabinets, where you have a good idea of the manufacturer’s products and approach to quality control.

Considering features
Thinking about the features you require (not just the ones that your filing cabinets have at the moment) can help your business become more efficient.
Today you can choose from multiple draws, sliding racks for tab files and casing that may be both fire and natural disaster proof.
Additionally, if your filing cabinet is to be held in a public area (such as a reception) you need to consider whether you need a lock. If you hold sensitive data on any person then this is an absolute necessary. You’re also required to have taken reasonable measures to protect such data, which means that you shouldn’t scrimp on your filing cabinet. An ill designed or poor quality lock may well be seen as not having followed ‘reasonable steps’.