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A Buyer’s guide to Dining Tables

If you’re looking into purchasing a new dining table then you may have been surprised at just how much they can cost, in addition to struggling to find any that are both of high quality and under £100. Here we tell you about how you can find the perfect dining table for your needs as well as making what can be a significant saving.

Making a saving on your dining table
Shopping online
Shopping online will always see you making a saving when compared to shopping in physical retail stores. The internet gives you the ability to search through and compare thousands of dining tables within a couple of clicks. A great place to start is then with Google Shopping. Here you simply need to click on Google’s shopping tab and enter your dining table search term to see providers’ offerings displayed. You should be aware however that not all furniture stores will appear within these results, as they include paid advertisers only.

Using online auction websites
If you’re shopping with an extremely tight budget then you’ll most likely need to look towards auction websites for your dining table. Here you’ll be able to find items that are priced from as little as £10. When using these websites just bear in mind that you’ll need think about collecting your item, as well as ensuring that you inspect the photos and read the description thoroughly.

Asking your local retailer for ex-display items
One instance where you may make a saving in a retail store is where they stock ex-display items that were previously used for demonstrating the item. These won’t be out on display so you’ll need to ask a customer services representative about any items that are keep in the stockroom.

Other considerations when purchasing a dining table
Taking measurements for your table
One of the most important things to remember when purchasing online is that you’ll need to check, double and triple check that you’ve taken your measurements correctly. Table measurements involve the height, and the width and length of the table top. You’ll also need to consider the size of the chairs, particularly if you’re replacing your old dining table with a new one whilst keeping your existing dining chairs.

Buying a dining table that suits your decor
Choosing the right dining table for your decor should be a pretty simplistic process. Once you've established which measurements you need you should think about your style of decor: is it modern, or does it take a more traditional approach? In the former instance you may find that straight lines and a simple design works best, in the latter instance you may want to consider wooden tables that feature detailing or metal adornments.