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A Buyer’s guide to dining chairs

If you’ve recently started shopping for the perfect dining chair set then you may have been surprised at the average retailing price of even seemingly ‘budget’ chairs. In this instance this guide will talk you through the process of tracking down dining chairs that are both of high quality and suitable for the smallest of budgets.

Making a saving on your dining chair set
Shopping online
When looking to make a saving on your dining chairs you should undoubtedly opt for online shopping as opposed to purchasing from physical retail stores.
An ideal place to start your search is with Google Shopping; this will give you an overview of what’s available and which retailers are offering the best deals.
Group Coupon Websites
An additional, little know source of cheap furniture is group coupon websites; whilst such websites invariably change the deals that they offer daily (and may not have any dining chairs on offer when you first search) they may have an offer a few days later. Using these websites requires patience when you’re waiting for a specific item, particularly as the styles will be limited.
Ex-display items
The only exception that may see you making a saving when purchasing in-store is where the retailer holds ex-display items. Whilst such dining chair sets may have suffered slight wear and tear (hence the price) you could save anything up to 50%. Retailers generally don’t advertise these times so be sure to ask your local store directly.
Shopping for dining chairs on a super tight budget
If you have a budget that is considerably lower to any of the retail prices you’ve found through following the tips already covered then it may be necessary to consider using auction websites. Whilst such websites have plenty of second hand dining chairs they also havefurniture manufacturers who offer new items at practically wholesale prices. When using these websites just be careful to review the seller’s previous feedback, as well as checking out the product description and photos in detail.
Other factors to consider when purchasing your dining chairs
Checking your measurements
When purchasing dining chairs, whether they be replacement or to go with a completely new dining table, is vital to check your measurements if you’re not going to waste time sending your items back.
Replacing your old dining chairs with new ones is the most straight forward situations as you have your old chairs to take measurements from; however, if you’re shopping for a new dining table, in addition to chairs, then ensuring that they match up dimensionally is vital. In this instance you should purchase you table first, this will allow you to compare potential chair heights with the table itself.