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A buyer’s guide to Designer Dresses

If you’re on the look out for the designer dress of your dreams but have been perturbed by some of the price tags out there then this guide will help you track down a bargain.

Making a saving when shopping for designer dresses
Shopping online
To see a saving on designer dresses you’ll most likely need to shop online. Whilst retailers do obviously put on sales, the discounts generally don’t equate to the prices that online only retailers can offer. A good place to start is with Google shopping, this will give you the best overview of how much you should expect to pay for any particular brand.

Using Group Coupon websites
Group coupon websites can offer significant discounts on a range of products. The way they work is, in essence, through group buying power. Such websites may be perfect for designer dresses as they frequently provide good deals across a range of clothing items. However, the range will of course be restricted to certain brands, so if you’re after a specific style or designer then they may not be suitable.

Shopping for designer dresses when on a super tight budget
If you find yourself on a super tight budget then an option is to use online auction websites. Such websites are full of designer goods, including plenty of dresses. Just ensure that the buyer has a good feedback rating and has detailed their item sufficiently through the description and photos that they’ve provided.

Other considerations when choosing designer dresses
Pricing: If it’s too good to be true…
Although you want to track down a bargain you need to ensure that the item you’re purchasing is genuine. Whilst the tips in this guide can help make a saving, an item that is significantly below the RRP is a sign that it could be a fake.
Telling genuine designer dresses from fake ones is no easy feat, and requires a little research. As a starting point you should avoid websites that you haven’t heard of and that look as if they could be dodgy (look for things such as company information, accepted payment methods and weigh up how professional their website looks). If you’re unsure as to a website’s credibility then try a Google search using the company's name to see if there are any reports as to whether the website is genuine or not.
You should also check the website’s return policy and whether you’re able to pay via Paypal. Paypal acts as both a payment method as well as insurance against fraud.
A final factor you may want to consider is to check out the specific dress that you’re purchasing and what signs there are that it is genuine (such as labels, design specifics or holograms that are sewn in).