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A Buyer’s Guide to purchasing Bath Taps

For the shopper who is looking to replace their old bath taps it can be a surprisingly vast and complex task. With hundreds, if not thousands of different taps by multiple retailers and manufacturers in an endless choice of styles, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed with choice. To this end, this guide talks you through the process, and helps you to choose the bath taps that are suitable for both your bathroom’s style and your budget (however small it may be).

Finding a Bath Tap bargain
Opting for online shopping
Shopping online is going to make for the best choice as opposed to shopping in home décor retail outlets. Not only do you have the benefit of an endless number of styles, but you additionally have thousands of retailers that are all wanting your business (which leads to far lower costs).

Auction Websites: Where taps are sold new at a fraction of the retail cost
Another great source for bargain basement taps is on popular auction websites where manufacturers routinely sell brand new taps at a fraction of their RRP. When using such websites just be sure that you’re purchasing new (as used taps can be problematic) and that the seller has a good customer feedback rating.

Other considerations when shopping for Bath Taps
Is your water pressure ‘normal’?
In most instances homes will have water pressure that is deemed as normal, however there are some instances where properties may suffer from either high or low pressure. In situations such as this it may then be necessary to choose bath taps that are specifically designed to deal with the type of pressure that pertains to your home and whilst these can see a premium added to the price you pay, following the advice in this article will see you paying only slightly more than ‘standard’ bath taps.

Considering style
When considering the style of your taps you need to bear in mind the existing décor in your bathroom. If it’s fairly traditional (featuring wall paper, patterns or intricate wood) then the taps that are mock Victorian may be most suitable. However if your bathroom is modern then tops featuring straight lines are going to fit in perfectly.

Considering the type of tap you’re looking for
Establishing the type of tap that you’re looking for first and foremost will benefit you no end when it comes to internet searches. Here are the choices you have:
- Three tap whole bath fillers (a mixer with two controls either side of the main tap),
- Two tap hole bath fillers (a mixer with two controls placed on the mixer itself),
- Standard Bath Taps.