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A buyer’s guide to Bar Tables

If you’re soon to be fitting out your bar with a brand new set of bar tables then it’s likely that you’ll want to find the cheapest deal. However there are many elements of finding a ‘good’ deal on bar tables that doesn’t necessarily mean buying the cheapest is the right option.

This guide will then talk you through the things that you should be thinking about and how you can find the best bar tables at the best prices.

Finding the cheapest bar tables
Quality over price
If you’re in search of the ‘cheapest’ bar tables then it may be advisable to consider the length of use that you will get out of any product that may offer the lowest price. Bar tables have a tough day to day job to perform and really need to be of a certain quality to last throughout the years.

Buying in bulk
If you’re in the market for a few bar tables then it may be advisable to seek out a dedicated bar furniture specialist. Such companies have representatives who may be able to offer practically wholesale prices on retail furniture.

Purchasing job lots through auction websites
Seeking out job lots through auction websites can see you grabbing a surprising bargain. In many instances such job lots may feature bar tables from bars that may have closed down abruptly and so may be relatively new.

Other considerations when purchasing bar tables
Style and the longevity of your tables
Whilst you may want to opt for the most beautiful of wooden tables you need to consider how your tables will fare over time. For this reason it is very much advisable that you choose tables that have been specifically designed for bar use. Such tables use materials and finishes that will generally see them lasting longer than tables that are made for use within the home.

Measurements and your bar
Measuring your bar for your new tables can be surprisingly complex; you’ll need to consider how many 2, 4 and 6 seat tables you require (and possibly more if you regularly host larger parties), but you’ll then additionally need to think about how each will fit into your layout.

Replacing your old tables
One quick tip to remember is that you can earn a little cash pot towards your new tables by selling your old ones. Selling your tables, whether as a collection, or individually, through auction websites can see you with a good starting amount and your buyers can additionally come to you for collection, which saves you a trip to the tip or charity shop.

Of course before you get rid of the old tables it may be wise to take down the dimensions and layout of your tables, this will help you plan when buying new tables, where you could even improve upon the layout.