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A Traveller’s guide to Airport Transfers

As anyone who has travelled previously will know, getting to a UK, airport and from the destination airport to the hotel can add both time and stress to your journey. To this end this guide will help you choose your airport transfer method, tell you about how you can make a saving and what else you should be considering when booking your airport transfer.

Making a saving on your Airport Transfer
Transport for non-package holidays
If you’ve chosen to book your holiday with your flights and hotel separately don't worry about your airport transfer; wherever you’re travelling to they’ll still be plenty of options available to you and just as with flights and hotels you’ll be able to make a saving through undertaking a little research. There are actually dedicated websites that deal solely with sourcing the cheapest possible airport transports. These websites work in much the same way as holiday search engines operate, with you selecting your airport, hotel or area destination and your date and time of travel. You’ll then be able to review the options and book what’s most suitable to you.

Coach, Taxi and Train Airport Transports
Depending upon where you’re travelling to you’ll have a variety of options for your airport transfer. Of course these will vary significantly in price, additionally however you should also consider how long each method of transport will take and whether paying more for transport such as a taxi would be more beneficial.

Transport for package holidays
Whilst package holidays will have arranged your transfer from destination airport to hotel you'll still need to consider getting around the area, as well as travelling to the UK airport initially. In the former instance you should research the local rates for travel, particularly in relation to taxi services, so that you aren’t paying over the odds upon arrival.

Getting to your UK airport
Travelling to your UK airport will see you with a wide range of options before you. From travelling by car and leaving your vehicle in the airport’s secure car park to booking an airport taxi. There are more websites available for domestic airport transfer comparison than there are for those abroad, so be sure to check out the dedicated airport transfer search engines as a first task. From here you can then gather quotes from taxi firms, railway companies and the airport car park (or from airport car park search engines if available for your airport destination).

Other considerations when booking your airport transfer
Booking in advance
Many travelling methods will see you saving money if you book in advance (particularly when traveling by train or using an airport car park). So be sure to have your airport transfers organised at least 6 weeks in advance.

Having a back up plan
When considering your airport transfers (both to the UK airport and foreign airport) you should always find out about a second method of travel should anything go wrong, whether it be a broken down coach or railway delays.