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A traveller’s guide to Airport Hotels

If you’re soon to be jetting off on holiday and are using an airport that is a considerable distance from your home then you may be considering using an Airport Hotel to break your journey up. This guide will talk you through how you can make a saving when booking your airport hotel.

Making a saving on your Airport Hotel
Using hotel comparison websites
Hotel comparison websites feature literally thousands of hotels with cut price deals. Using such websites invariably relies on you leaving your booking until the last minute; indeed, the very reason why room bookings are so cheap are due to hotels not wanting their rooms to be underbooked. This can obviously involve an element of risk as the hotel may become fully booked prior to the prices dropping. If there is only one hotel that is relatively close to the airport then it’s advisable that you avoid this method of saving money.

Asking your travel Agent
Asking your travel agent about booking into an Airport Hotel could see you benefiting from their buying powers. Even if you’ve booked your holiday months in advance you should still be able to contact them to see whether there’s anything that they can offer.

Considering alternative accommodation
In addition to Airport hotels there are an increasing number of homeowners who are beginning to let out their rooms for those flying the next day. This can save you money on what can be a considerably hotel cost. If this is of interest there are dedicated websites out there that match traveller’s with home owners.

Considering a hotel that’s further afield
Airport hotels invariably attract a premium due to the convenience it offers the traveller. However choosing a hotel that further out of the way may see you making a saving when compared to hotels that are closer.

Other considerations when booking Airport Hotels
Checking traveller experiences
Whilst there may be one singular hotel that is close to the airport you need to do a little research to ensure you’re not holed up in a hotel with slipping standards due to the monopoly they have on the area. Today there are plenty of traveler review websites that can show you not only written traveller reviews, but additionally show real life photos of the hotel rooms, which are obviously much more true to life than hotel’s professionally shot photos on their website.

Leaving your car in the hotel car park
If you’re driving to your hotel and planning on booking your car into the Airport’s serviced car park then it may pay you to look into the Hotel’s car park rates. This can frequently see you making a saving when compared to the going rates of the Airport’s car park.