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A guide to 4G Sim Cards

Searching for a 4G sim card, be it on contract or Pay as You Go, can see you presented with what seems like hundreds of choices. With so many options it can be difficult to know what provider to choose. With this in mind this guide tells you how you can pick the 4G sim card that is right for your needs and how you can make a saving on your ongoing phone costs.

What is 4g?
4G is the current, most up-to-date communication form for mobile phones, offering faster internet and wireless connectivity.

Making a saving on your 4G contract sim card
Using price comparison websites
You should always start your search for a 4G sim card contract with price comparison websites. Here you can enter in your details (including your usage) and be presented with practically every mobile contract provider going.
If you have a current handset then you should consider looking for sim only deals, these are inevitably far cheaper than handset and sim card deals and often benefit from rolling monthly contracts.

Don’t be afraid to phone telephone companies directly to see what they’re able to offer you. More often than not a little negotiation can see you rewarded with a deal that is far better than those advertised. Additionally telethone companies expect such negotiation, and so always have room for manoeuvre on either the cost of the contract or the things that they offer as part of your package (such as the amount of free minutes, text or internet allowance).

Finding the best 4G Sim Card on Pay as You Go
Considering your usage
The number one tip when choosing between Pay as You Go providers is to establish what your usage is like. For example, do you call often but hardly ever text? Do you use huge amounts of internet data? Whatever your usage patterns you should find a deal that is most suitable. In the case of internet allowance you’ll find that many providers package a certain amount of free data for each top up. You should find out how much this is, and, more importantly, how much the usage of data outside of this range is.
Additionally you’ll find that price comparison websites don’t just cover contract 4G sim cards, but pay as you go deals too. So once you’ve figured out your usage needs you should head on over and search through the providers.

Added bonuses
In addition to top up perks Pay as You Go providers may also offer added bonuses in the form of discounts in retail stores, or money off nights out. Whilst these shouldn’t be an overriding factor in your choice of 4g sim card provider it should certainly be factored into your decision.